Report and appeal submitted to the Special Rapporteur of the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council

“The special procedures of the Human Rights Council are independent human rights experts with mandates to report and advise on human rights from a thematic or country-specific perspective. The system of Special Procedures is a central element of the United Nations human rights machinery and covers all human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political, and social.” (From Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council)

“A Special Rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. This position is honorary and the expert is not United Nations staff nor paid for his/her work. The Special Rapporteurs are part of the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council.” (From United Nations Special Rapporteur)


List of the report submitted to the Special Rapporteur by VIVAT International

Country Year Theme Topic
Nigeria 2014
  • Violence against women, its causes and consequences
Joint appeal on “Abduction of Nigerian Schoolgirls
Brazil 2014
  • Situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people
Joint report on “The Rights of the Tupinambá People
Brazil 2014
  • Right to Water and Sanitation
Joint report on “The social environment damages caused by mining in Minas Gerais are both notorious and grave
Brazil 2013
  • Rights of indigenous peoples
  • Human right to safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination in this context
  • Human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises
Joint report on “New Mining Code in Brazil Jeopardises Human Rights
Peru 2012
  • Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Joint report on “Study on Extractive and Energy Industries” in Cajamarca, Peru
Peru 2012
  • Human Rights Defender
Joint report on “Situation of human rights defenders in Cajamarca, Peru