VIVAT International Statements at the United Nations
VIVAT International, as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC at the United Nations and Associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, delivers official written and oral interventions before UN forums.

The VIVAT Newsletter is produced quarterly. It contains current prominent events that happen at the UN where the Executive Team participates, and also reports from the VIVAT members in the field. The newsletters are available to read or download online in English, Spanish German and Portuguese.

Yahoo Group and Blog
VIVAT International has created a forum for our members to post articles, news, and information regarding mining and its effects on the environment and local populations, as well as proactive responses regarding bettering mining practices worldwide.

Members are able to view uploaded articles and documents, view photos uploaded from other members, as well as upload their own documents and photos to the group.

It is the aim and hope of VIVAT to call international attention to the case of the Ribeira Valley in Brazil as a support for those struggling for their human rights there. We will continue to work with and for the Quilombo Communities and advocate for “Dams No” alongside our VIVAT members and other courageous activists in the Ribeira Valley. The blog “terra sim barragem nao” is managed by the Brazilian members.

A selection of VIVAT Membership websites and our partner organizations

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