Call to Action to Combat Human Trafficking

Missionary Oblates, VIVAT Member, JPIC Office Call to Action to Help Combat Human Trafficking in Association with 2010 world Cup events in South Africa

In just two months, close to one million visitors will travel to South Africa for the World Cup. This influx of people may also have the unintended consequence of creating opportunities for human trafficking. While not responsible for this tragic crime, the travel and lodging industry is well-positioned to help prevent human trafficking by taking steps to stop the use of hotels for these purposes. The Oblate JPIC Office is working in solidarity with the efforts of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (Church on the Ball), and local initiatives by the Leaders of Consecrated Religious Life (SA) and the South African Council of Churches to counter human trafficking in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Faith Groups Work to Prevent Human Trafficking During the 2010 World Cup Events in South Africa.