NAVODAYA: Center for Women and Children

Navodaya: Empowering Women and children
Navodaya: Empowering Women and children

Navodaya, the social center in Mysore, is focused on the empowerment of women and children who are marginalized and underprivileged. We, the ASC sisters and the staff, are committed to the cause of women and children through different activities. Some of these activities are:

1)  Formation of Self Help Groups for Women (SHG) – There are 85 Self Help Groups with a total of 2,000 women in 20 villages. These groups are imparting training to women for sustainable growth and development in order to achieve social, economic, cultural, and political development and to create equity and justice in the family and society.

2)  Sponsorship programme – Financial and material assistance are given to poor families, serving a total of 60 children. We motivate the children to continue their education and work to reduce the rate of drop outs from school and child labor.

3)  Children’s parliament – There are 10 children’s parliaments with a total of 300 children in 10 villages. We educate them about their rights and guide them to be responsible citizens of our country.

4)  Open School – Unfortunately, some students cannot continue their academic education due to poverty, sickness, departure of their parents, etc. so Navodaya is welcoming these students to continue their education.  There are 15 boys and girls attending regular classes.

5)  Net work with lunar company and providing employment for women and a play home for their children – The women are motivated to be the bread winner of the family and to improve their economical status.

6)  Spoken English – Empower the women to cope with the competitive society by learning better English.

7)  Skill development training like tailoring, craft work and artificial jewelry, beautician courses, computer classes – daily 20 women are attending the training for alternative livelihoods and increased income.

8)  Capacity building training programme – based on legal rights, family life education, home management, home remedies and medicinal plants to help the women to awaken their innate qualities and  leadership. The concept of development is understood and sustained through capacity building training programmes. These are held once in three months for the SHG women.

9)  Organizing awareness programmes – about health, government schemes, HIV/AIDS. These are an opportunity to remove ignorance and enlighten the women with knowledge.

Saturday evening, July 23, some of these women and girls who are part of Navodaya, with their different religions and languages, expressed their gratitude to the ASC sisters by exhibiting their talents through a cultural programme. Students from the school of Tarikere also joined to make this programme more colorful and meaningful.

By Jancy Pallicka, ASC